Library Management System

X-ref's eArchive can be extended with library modules. The result is a complete library system with functionality covering all the needs of a modern library. There are modules for loan, journal, purchase and remote loan management. X-ref's library management system also has support for document import from Libris, Library of congress etc.

X-ref has a modern public web interface where web visitors can search beautifully from both desktop and mobile. Borrowers can get an overview of their loans and reservations by logging into the library portal.

A video describing X-ref's library management system.

The librarian can catalogue directly in the browser and the librarian can also handle the loan module in a mobile phone.

X-ref library management system in your mobile.


  • X-ref can be integrated with library machines.
  • X-ref's library system supports the standards sip2,z3950 and sru/srw.
  • X-ref can send reminders and overdrafts via e-mail.
  • X-ref has support for handling of fees.
  • X-ref can send news letters with the latest registered titles.
Further reading: Wikipedia's definition of Library Management System