X-ref Google Sheets


  • Responsive design. Works nicely in mobile/tablet/desktop
  • Rows from your Google Sheet are first presented in overview then thoroughly if needed
  • Search multiple sheets with one query
  • A search field can be connected to several columns in your Google Sheet
  • Search forms and search results are based on templates and can be configured to suite your organization
  • Search words are "high-lighted" in your search result
  • Address fields can be linked to Google Maps. Instagram images can be embedded. Telephone number fields cab be linked to a telephone app
  • Wildcard searching
  • Autosuggest
  • PDF-reports based on Google Docs
  • Possible to predefine search queries leading to a search results in the spreadsheet
  • As long as your Google Sheet is public X-ref will not need access to your Google Drive account
  • You do not need to change anything i your Google Sheet to make it searchable