X-ref Database System


X-ref can handle digital applications.

The system administrator can build an application portal with an unlimited number of application forms along with information that guides the visitor in the application process. Everything can be adapted to suite your organization, forms and confirmation emails are designed by the system administrator. The forms work well in mobile, tablet and desktop.

Submitted applications can be given a grade, a color marking or a comment by the decision board.

database system applications
Submitted applications

The application process begins with the visitor signing up to create an account.

database system create account
The visitor can create an account. X-ref will send a confirmation email to confirm that the email address actually exists.

When the account is confirmed the user can commence the application process.

database system create application
The user has created an account.

The user can then fill out the application form.

database system application
The user fills out the form.

The user can upload attachments (pdf:s, images etc.) to complement the application.

database system attachments

The user can at any time save the form and take a pause and continue at a later time. When all the fields are correctly filled in the user can submit the application. The date and time for when the user started and ended the application process is registered by the system.